Our Restoration Philosophy

We take our restoration jobs seriously.

Many times a vintage vehicle is a treasure. Perhaps it has been in your family for generations, it has sentimental value to you, or it is a rare find. Unfortunately, these vehicles often also have generations of rust, structural damage, and/or failed repair attempts. We coin these jobs “Rustorations” due to the enormous undertaking it can be to restore one.

Restoration is not just for cosmetic purposes.  Often body repair work affects the structural integrity of a vehicle–if the job is performed improperly, the safety of the passengers is at stake. From floor pan replacement to body panel repair & reconstruction to complete frame-off restorations, we pride ourselves on the quality of our body work and stand behind the aftermarket parts we use.

For a classic restoration, we strive to find used original or NOS (new old stock) parts whenever possible. When these are not available, we research and find the best reproduction pieces. Many aftermarket parts, especially interior upholstery, carpet, and convertible tops are marketed as “original reproductions” when they do not fit properly and are not close to the same quality as original. Unfortunately, there are many aftermarket parts companies that misrepresent their goods and then refuse to stand behind them when there is a problem. Our experience and knowledge allow us to proudly stand behind our restoration jobs and assure you that your vehicle is being restored with the best available parts.


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